HSE Excellence

HSE Excellence

Motivated to create a zero-incident workplace, Keppel Seghers is constantly improving and innovating to eliminate risks to its people, property and the environment. Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) is the top priority for the company.

A safe workplace for everyone

Safety is a core value of the Keppel Group. Keppel is focussed on ensuring a safe and healthy environment for everyone, from employees to subcontractors and customers.

The Group believes that safety is both a collective and individual responsibility. Thus, it continually refines its systems so as to improve on safety performance.

Keppel engages its workforce, contractors, customers and other stakeholders, such as industry organisations and government agencies to collaboratively address safety issues.

In addition to looking for ways to integrate safety considerations into processes and improve the workforce's safety consciousness through training and cultivation of mindsets, Keppel also rewards and recognises behaviour and leadership to encourage proactiveness and innovation for safer processes.

Strengthening occupational health

In addition to a safe environment, Keppel Seghers also looks to protect and promote the health of its workforce.

Newly hired staff undergo a health screening before commencing work. The company also ensures that the work they undertake is suitable for their age. Before they can take on strenuous work, workers have to be certified fit through regular health checks.

Protecting the environment

The mitigation of environmental impact is a fundamental backbone of Keppel Seghers' business.

In addition to offering advanced technology solutions to address a wide spectrum of environmental issues such as solid waste, wastewater, drinking and process water, biosolids and sludge, the company is continually seeking ways to use less energy, reduce wastage and emissions, and to recycle more.

Keppel Seghers also aims to cultivate green mindsets to ensure that resource consciousness, efficiency and conservation is second nature.

To help address sustainability issues, resources are committed to motivate employee action, support community efforts and collaborate with industry and government stakeholders.

In Singapore and overseas, employees proactively participate in environmental campaigns to promote awareness of global warming.

Keppel Seghers also sponsored the publication "Water, Agriculture and Environment in Arid Lands (Water and Agricultural Vision for Qatar by 2020)".